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The aim of this site is to provide a largely non-commercial guide to wedding services on offer in the Peterborough area - and a little beyond. By "non-commercial" I mean that the majority of the content is based solely on my experiences and observations over ten years (plus) working with weddings in and around the area. Paid for, commercial content is clearly marked as such.

My reviews should be taken for what they are - which is honest opinion based on what I have seen at the wedding(s). They do not take into account costs and other factors that simple on-the-day observation would not see so keep this in mind !

My "honest opinion" is that of a local professional wedding photographer and they are driven by a core belief that the importance of the occasion along with the premium costs associated with weddings demand the absolute highest standard of service from suppliers - that is a belief that drives my own business as well as the reviews on this site.

I hope it proves of use to you !

Paul Young, Nene Digital Wedding Photography (August 2011)

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