Turn off the A1 about seven miles north of Stamford and you’ll see signs to Greetham Valley Hotel which has a civil license and can host up to 220 guests in the spacious Rutland Suite. Indoors the venue ticks most boxes if you are in the big suite and the food/service is always spot on but, as with most golfing venues, it is a little let down by the outdoor options which amount to a very narrow first floor balcony and a stark and sloping grassed area below the balcony.

Photography – no problems indoors but a struggle outdoors. A golf buggy ride to the lakes provides a great location for bride/groom shots but you are limited to an exposed, sloping grassed area for the remainder – and the native golfers have a tendency to get hostile if you dare to leave your enclosure in search of a better location !


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Greetham Valley - Lake