One of the area’s longest established wedding venues, the Haycock Hotel is sited in Wansford, just off the busy A1 between Peterborough and Stamford. The hotel offers a range of service/reception rooms that will cater for some seriously large numbers if required. You’ll often find more than one wedding being hosted at the same time but the Haycock is one of the few venues that can pull this off without impacting on your day. Once again, you really do need to get outside to get the best out of the venue but if the sun shines, the Haycock is still up there challenging the best in the area.

Photography – really need to get outside where you have everything from patios, lawned areas, formal gardens to riverside walks. Worth making an effort to seek out the best spots if you want the best results !

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Haycock Hotel - Reception Room Haycock Hotel - Riverside Haycock Hotel - Ballroom